I am 61 years old. My mind says no but the body says yes. Being born in 1953 I think was a big blessing. W W 2 was trying to be left behind. The economy was good and people felt good about be a US citizen. Yes the Korean conflict was happening but it seemed too have little affect on what was happening at home. After Truman came Ike and the world was good. Now I was not even born when Ike first became president so my perception could be wrong on several things. School prayer was in effect, as was the Pledge of Allegiance still being said. Short hair for the guys, Hats for the men, Pony tails for the girls, and stay at home mothers. People were glad to be patriots. Was everything perfect in the world of course not. But those things going on I think still helped the American spirit.In the mid to late 60’s things began to change. The Beatles and the British invasion now on all the radio stations. Hard or acid rock was coming into being, drugs were being tried by a lot of young people. And the Viet Nam war was getting bigger. People were beginning to question authority. I was raised to respect the people in charge and stay out of trouble. This wasn’t happening across the US. Now that I can look back with 20/20 hindsight, a lot of the government was corrupt and we were fighting a no win war. It wasn’t that we couldn’t win but we were never meant to win an all out war. Johnson and his New Deal was being put in place, food stamps for the poor and needy and poverty was supposed to be on the way out. Next came NIXON, and the war continued, casualties piled up. His biggest accomplishments if you want to call them that was Detente and the opening up a relationship with communist China. Neither brought peace any where but only lies going back and forth. Well Nixon got his due and was impeached. Before I go any further let say because of an atheist, in 1963 school prayer was taken out of schools. Before the hippies drugs and counter culture came along. Ten years later Roe vs Wade came about. Government was hated and every one felt all of Congress and the White House was corrupt. Not all were or are now but sometimes it feels that way. The Supreme Court was the biggest enemy again but few eyes saw or ears heard. Ford finished up the rest of Nixon’s term. Next was Carter. He for me is a difficult man to figure out. He is from the South, born again Christian, and wasn’t part of the corrupt society of Washington D.C. Going to stop here for now. Be back soon and have the big finish.


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