I stopped at Jimmy Carter. A man of morals but who did not know one thing about being president. If I remember right he had an awful time with Congress.He had several things going against him. The oil embargo, Fights with Congress on how to stimulate the economy[ sound familiar] and his last year the Iranian hostage situation. All were big negatives.For the oil embargo he made the double nickle mandatory every where. Biggest uproar was the truckers of course. But too his credit it did save oil and gas, saved lives by slowing people down and we all got used to it. I think we should have stayed with it myself. Gas might be cheaper now and the 35 years since then we might not have any need for ME oil. Yes I drive 65 and faster sometimes but I try to drive no more than 65 to save a gallon of gas a tank full.
Next came Reagan. I lived through him but I am still not sure if he was a good president or not. He had us in several small police actions that may or not helped in world peace. 2 of them was Grenada and Panama. He picked his fights well and got us in and out in a hurry. His trickle down theory took a long time to take effect if it did at all. The first 3 years was a bad time economic wise for the US. His latter years were better. Trickle down will work if the the top isn’t greedy. But if anyone near the top gets greedy and say I want more then the whole theory is blown. We have some very greedy people leading the corporations today. That can be said for any time the last 250 years.He did nothing but made president when the hostages were set free. He opened up the speed limits but also opened up the oil fields here in the US.Heaven for bid he gave them tax breaks. George H. Bush came next but He didn’t last long. He was in Charge during the Gulf war.Swift and fast again but he left Hussein in power. Big mistake.
Next was Willie Clinton. I will never respect the man because he destroyed so many innocent lives and still nobody did anything to stop him. His impeachment was a farce because they still let him be president. His economics were sound but like most Democrats he spent too much and wasted even more. That doesn’t sound like he was sound but he didn’t ever go over board on anything. He knew when to quit. Going to stop here but the next 2 presidents have a lot to fill up space with.


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