Fall, Football, Foliage, and Deer Hunting, Football.

I have said it before, but Fall is my favorite. Cool,crisp days. Hot chocolate nights. Acorns dropping and sounding like rain. Squirrels and chipmunks scurrying back and forth eating and foraging.Barking when you make too much noise. Deer feeding and turning winter gray. Bucks and their majestic antlers sharpened and gleaming in the sunlight. Me having big hopes for a true trophy, then wanting any deer that will show up to take home.
Football and anticipation of the big game whether on Friday nights or Saturday afternoon. I enjoy watching both High School and college. Prairie Grove I try to follow each week but mostly on the net. They will always have a place in my heart. Calling the Hogs is something we learn at an early age here. These past 3 years have been hard and discouraging. The game against the Aggies was disappointing in the least but I am not down on them. We will win some games. Maybe even against the Tide this weekend.
Are the Cowboys back or are they teasing their fans again. I would like to see them win again and make the playoffs. One can always hope.
Back to the Deer. I sprained my wrist the other day. It will be 3 weeks before I will be back to normal.I do plan to go back out and get my camera out to capture what might be out there. I have seen a doe and fawn on it but I need it out longer. This time I will use duct tape. Getting late need to get up early. See ya soon.