Do you think the USA is going down hill? You probably do whether you are a conservative or a liberal, climate change believer or denier, atheist or Saint. I ask that you look at the Minor Prophets and instead of Israel put in the USA. We are doing the same thing Israel was doing in their past. We are forgetting God, our children are turning away and the biggest is sin is no longer considered sin. I am not just talking about homosexuality. Greed, laziness, sex out of marriage and sex with another partner but the one you are married too. If you are a Christian then you know they are wrong but have you confronted anyone about it ever. I mean telling that person or persons that they are wrong.That they need Jesus. I am getting bolder in my old age and If I saw something I think I would say something. Especially if that person called them self a Christian. Would it be easy no, but it would be needed said.
Next part that reminds me of Israel is our leadership. I am not just talking about President Obama though I have never thought he has Christian morals. Nor is it only liberals that are messing things up. I read comments on everything, from politics, religion, to climate change on Yahoo news. There are many liberals that I will disagree with but they will treat me and everyone else with respect and they listen to to what is put down. I always think they may be Christian though I am never sure. There are conservatives that spew out hate at a drop of the hat. It makes me cringe when they show up. Conservative politicians have been known to say stupid things also but liberals do too but they won’t get the publicity in some news networks. Politicians on both sides should stay out of religion. The only person I trust on the matters of religion is Mike Huckabee. I hope he will run again in 2016, with Ben Carson as a running mate.
I have again put down my views so if yours are different that is ok. What I want is to have everyone that believes in prayer, is to pray for the USA and that our country will change. Pray also that Jesus will return soon and we will be ready.