It has been too long since I have written anything down. No I didn’t forget about my blog but I forgot about whom I was writing it for. I have worried that some one will take offense to what I have written. That shows my big head is getting in the way. All are welcome to read and comment but this is for me. It is the 4th day of March. What does that mean. It means another year with no deer. I can’t blame any one or anything but it is beginning to get frustrating. Oh well there is always next year. March 4th also means in 2 weeks March Madness begins. I enjoy this time of year more than any other [ that is watching sports] more than the World Series, and NFL play offs. Next on my TV time is the NHL play offs. Go Red Wings. While I am on sports in early April the Naturals start up again. I always enjoy them.
I am working part time for Land Mark Temp service. They do all the ball games for the U of A. Also any special events there on campus. I won’t get rich but I will have gas money. My back does get very tired but they have let me sit down when I get tired. So it is working out. I wanted to go to the job fair for the Naturals last Saturday but I didn’t want to travel to Springdale with it icing outside. I don’t know if I will get a shot at a temp job there or not. It would be nice.
I have said this before but the political system we have is very flawed. I don’t trust our President with any issue. Do I think he is the Anti Christ, no. He just is a lousy president. That could sound very racist and I understand that but if you know me then you will know that isn’t so. He honestly thinks he is doing the right things for the country but he is doing it in a bad way. I have expressed myself on all the big issues on other blogs. To cut to the quick, the ACA will collapse because people won’t be able to afford it it in just a few years. Medical cost is the problem not insurance. Abortion is perfectly okay to him while I think it is our biggest abomination. Gays rights to marriage for me it is wrong. Gays should have the right to a job, schooling, housing as much as any one. But marriage would be another abomination for the US. There are several other issues but the next on my list is First Amendment and Second. If any of those are taken away then the others will follow soon after. All in the name of liberty which these give us in the first place.
If you have seen the second Captain America movie you know in it that SHIELD AND HYDRA got all mixed up. Both wanted the same thing but had very different ways of going about them. Or were they so different. Both thought those big killer machines were okay. Shield was going to use them as a deterrent, Hydra was going to kill a few hundred thousand to say we are the boss now, your freedom is what we say it is. I would like to see a debate on Yahoo or even on TV who people thought were the Republicans or Democrats. Too make it even more clarity which is conservative and which is liberal. I don’t think I even know that answer but we need more Steve Rogers’ and less Natasha’s and Nick Fury’s.
Time to end. I will be back in a couple of weeks. Are you going to fill out a bracket?


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