2 days gone

2 days gone. Left it at a place and couldn’t get it until Sunday. All the people that missed me. All the people that must be worried. Did I leave town, did I have an accident. 2 days and no way to communicate.Praise God got my phone back at 1:30 today. Better check it out. Got one bar of time left. Check the calls Ben. NOTHING, 2 or more days and not one call. Oh well you couldn’t have reached me any how but I have it back now so any time you want to say hi.!

Other news today. Check out what planned parenthood is hiding. They sure are “nice” at those clinics. Liars, lying on papers that will go into government files. Making sure they get their money from pimps and illegal, under 14 girls that got pregnant from selling their bodies. Yes this is the place that has the women’s needs first and foremost.

Okay I am over my rant. Take care and God Bless.


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