Not so Great Avengers

I saw the second Avengers movie over the weekend along with millions of others. It will make lots of money and others will be made “BUT” I was disappointed in the movie. It had plenty of action but the subplots were pretty lousy and it was things that should have been worked out before they started fighting. Captain America and Tony Stark are still feuding on who should run the show and Stark of course wants to do things his way. Better stop there right now. It is too early to give away too many plots. The voice of James Spader was great as the bad guy. It had a world wide sights and a good sub plot with Hawkeye. My biggest problem was the writing. Not the character plots or the story line but some slights against Christianity. Not once but 3 or 4 times did it hint at God, Jesus, and His followers, all negative. It was almost if they wanted to make the Marvel Characters real so believe in them. I would never tell any one not to see a movie I have seen. I would like to hear from you if you got the same vibes I did or if I am just over doing minor things. If you have my email that would be great or face book or just comment on here.I didn’t mean to be so vague but I realized I didn’t want to be a spoiler either. Until Next time then. Bless you.


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