Right and wrong – Poor Boy Predictions

Well here we go folks. If you are a rapture person better get your flying suit on.I just found out that the Supreme Court said it was okay for gays to marry. Yes I got that and the ACA case right but the numbers wrong of the tally. If you are a Christian and think that this is totally wrong then we have only so many things we can do. Protesting and hollering about it won’t do any good at all. I do hope that people that come across this and have to make a choice will do the right thing and not participate in any way. Now having said that I will not call any one out a sinner if they do. Money, a business, and maybe a lively hood may be at stake. For me I won’t run into those problems. I just ask for you to pray before hand and do what your conscious says to do.
I believe with all my heart this country has been judged 2 times because it wasn’t following God. First is the Civil War. Still our deadliest war for Americans killed. Slavery is an abomination before God. The way they were treated was an abomination before God. You have heard of the Southern preachers say that slavery was okay and the blacks were inferior. God never said anything like that. He did say how to treat slaves and is wasn’t beating them, selling families apart from each other. or having them live in squalor. Hanging a person just because of their color is enough for judgement right then and there.
Second time is the 1929 crash of the market. Greed, wrong living and leaving out God brought the crash. The poor were much worse off then they were now. The 1% didn’t give a damn about any one and the government was being laughed at by the rich and the criminals of that time. Riots did happen after that. Riots for jobs, and food. People had turned their back on GOD in many areas. Anarchy was in many places. I am not an historian but I do like history. You can go back and check to see if I am right or not. Soon after the crash of 29 came the dust bowl 30s. God wanted to get things across in a big way. People did turn back to God but God took His time because we needed a strong foundation for years to come.
We now have slapped God at least 3 time in the last 50 years. All had to do with the Supreme court but the courts were following the lead of the people. Prayer was taken out of schools. Not only that but any kind of respect for the US and people of faith. Second just 10 years later was abortion. 57 million have died because of that. Now we have a perversion that is not only legal but can marry now. Marriage was one of God’s first covenants with man. He will judge us again for this. Christians will be tested over this.
Last thing, don’t hate the homosexual. Disagree with them but never show hate or put hate in your heart. We all know some. We know they are good people. They need to see the light and not darkness.
If you agree or dis agree you are welcome to let me know. I may not answer back because I may want to leave things as a disagreement and not hurt. BEN C.



Poor Boy Predictions are just that. Not Prophesy or crystal ball readings. These are what I think will happen and not what I hope happens. Time will tell.
1] The Supreme court will make it legal for homosexuals to marry. 6-3
2] The Supreme Court will not end the Affordable Care Act. 5-4
3] Hilary Clinton will not win the Democratic nomination. Not sure who will.
4] The Republican nomination won’t win the presidency. For me only 2 are worth even looking at, Mike Huckabee, and Ben Carson. My long shot is Rand Paul. None of the above will get nominated.
5] Climate change will be big during the running for President. After the election not much will be done. Why, because not much can be done.
6] If homosexual marriage is approved, HIV AND OTHER STD’s Will balloon to the highest numbers in years.
7] Abortion will still be legal but the fight will still be on to stop the killing.
8] More states will legalize euthanasia.
9] More state will legalize pot.
10] Work production will go down and sickness and disease will rise.
11] Obama will go off to obscurity but not before damaging our relationship with Israel and maybe other allies.
12] He is not the Anti-Christ, not smart enough.
Some of these were easy, others I had to think about if I really wanted to put them down.
Last prediction, Jesus is coming for His Bride soon and being a Democrat, Republican, conservative or liberal, won’t get you into heaven.