Poor Boy Predictions are just that. Not Prophesy or crystal ball readings. These are what I think will happen and not what I hope happens. Time will tell.
1] The Supreme court will make it legal for homosexuals to marry. 6-3
2] The Supreme Court will not end the Affordable Care Act. 5-4
3] Hilary Clinton will not win the Democratic nomination. Not sure who will.
4] The Republican nomination won’t win the presidency. For me only 2 are worth even looking at, Mike Huckabee, and Ben Carson. My long shot is Rand Paul. None of the above will get nominated.
5] Climate change will be big during the running for President. After the election not much will be done. Why, because not much can be done.
6] If homosexual marriage is approved, HIV AND OTHER STD’s Will balloon to the highest numbers in years.
7] Abortion will still be legal but the fight will still be on to stop the killing.
8] More states will legalize euthanasia.
9] More state will legalize pot.
10] Work production will go down and sickness and disease will rise.
11] Obama will go off to obscurity but not before damaging our relationship with Israel and maybe other allies.
12] He is not the Anti-Christ, not smart enough.
Some of these were easy, others I had to think about if I really wanted to put them down.
Last prediction, Jesus is coming for His Bride soon and being a Democrat, Republican, conservative or liberal, won’t get you into heaven.


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