Vacation, political junk, and dreams.

Vacation. Most everyone saw my pics on Facebook. It was a great time. Mostly relaxing in 83 to 60 degrees weather. Again I wish I could be a snow bird. I love Arkansas but they only have 2 or 3 weeks of HOT WEATHER, above 90. Even then it cools off at night better it does here. I did catch 2 small fish , my host Jerry cooked for me for my breakfast the day I left. One walleye and 1 small mouth bass. Delicious. Some have asked if I wanted to shoot the deer in my pics, no, I just want 1 or 2 that close this fall. The mother was really a nice size deer. We saw Ant Man when I was in Duluth. We went to the 8:30 showing. 2 tickets $10. I wish that would happen here. We didn’t get any popcorn. Not good for my diet.

Well the election season has started as has the name calling. No cable for me so I miss most of the ads. Yea. On Yahoo it says Trump is leading in the polls. The early leader rarely ends that way. No I don’t like him. He is abusive and is for abortion. I don’t mind straight talk but no name calling. He wants to limit abortion but that isn’t enough in my book. Limiting may be the best we can do but that is still a sad thing for a great nation as we are. My likes, not that it matters, are Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Rand Paul.  Cruz, Santorum, and Perry have said too many stupid things the last election. Rubio, and Jeb, are long shots.

My dreams have been quite funny lately. I really don’t put much into my dreams because I dream every night. Yes we all do but I remember most of mine. I think 90% of mine has to do with Simmons Foods. I haven’t worked there in about 5 years but they seem to pop up almost every night. The funny thing is they are mostly out of the building. I have done chickens in open fields, wooded areas, football fields and at home. Yes some are in plant 2 but most aren’t any more. I think I have listened to too much soul music lately.Last night the scene was more of the maintenance area but more cages. People were having lunch in there or they were supposed too. Most were dancing jitterbug style. Hispanics, blacks and Native Americans, and whites. All mixed up. Well in my dreams I am still a QA. I am trying to find out the reason and who was behind this.  Weird as that is, what comes next is the topper. Maintenance are trying to get by me on fork lifts, almost running me over. I barely get out of the way. As they went by I told each one they were a syncopitic snobs.  I did this in a Motown type rhythm. As they passed, they all agreed. Now my spell check says I am spelling that wrong, syncopitic. So I have no idea what it means either. FUNNY, Well till next time God Bless you. Fell free to comment I can take it.  Ben C


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