Music to my ears.

Today has been slow for me. Sort of boring. I needed a pick me up so I went to You tube and watched some music videos. I have said my music varies to my mood. Today I started out with Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. They were all good but not satisfying. Next I went to Classical. Beethoven, Mozart and Ravel’s Bolero. They all moved me. Music moves me easily, from moving my feet, sing aloud or being in tears. I also watched some Flash Mobs. This lasted over 2 hours. 2 hours of true enjoyment.
As I have said in the past my taste is wide and changes hourly. Jango has my Soul music on any time I am on there. Pandora has my others. Chris Tomlin, Andre Crouch, Herb Alpert, John Williams and George Strait. If you are feeling sad put on the right music and your spirits will be lifted. Tense and nervous, put on the right music and you will start to relax. Time to end. Have a good month.


Political arena

Please keep an eye and ear on the Syria conflict. Russia is there now helping Assad and we are still trying to help the rebels, whomever they might be. The third group is ISIS, and we know what they are capable of. What to watch for is a Russia, US conflict when both groups run into each other. Both have air power that may be at the same battle. Not on the same sides. I hope if you read this you will go to my Face Book page and watch the Admiral that says his mind about this and past administration. He does not mince words. Obama is sugar coating the M.E. conflict. We see and hear about killing top people and gaining ground while the truth is we are deeper and worse off than when we started a year ago. Mainly because we are backing a bunch of losers.
Every one knows how I feel about Planned Parenthood. They stink more than a hog pen on a hot summer day. I hope the truth will come out about them selling parts of babies.
Kim Davis and that fiasco. This is a hard one for me. I agree with her not wanting to give out the marriage license but I think I would have stepped down if they told me I had too. I will not say she was wrong though. This is not the same as the cake baker or the photographer. They were definitely denied their rights. Time to get rid of 4 Supreme Court Judges. Starting with Ginsburg. It amazes me that they have 5 Catholics and 4 Jews. Is that a true showing of America. I don’t think so.
This is guess work and not prophecy but look for bigger problems in the M.E. in the next 30 days.