45 years ago I was reborn, saved, born again, found Jesus. How ever you want to put it. It was on a Saturday night and the Methodist church, we were having a Lay Witness mission. That is when Christian lay people from other churches come to visit you for a whole weekend and tell you about themselves and their relationship with God. We had youth of all ages and around 60 adults come in. It was truly life changing for me as it should have been. Those that knew me then know I was never a person to cause problems or even want to get into trouble with any one. But something was lacking. It was an emptiness that I couldn’t get a hold of. I tried sports and was lacking in talent. I was trying to breakout of my shell but I didn’t know how or even that I needed too. A relationship with Christ is what I needed. Some one that would take away my sins and short comings but that always loved me for who I am. People ask me what horrible sins I had. I won’t tell them but in my heart I had several and some I still have problems with but Jesus is always there for me. I still have a couple of friends that I keep track of from that week end, though I don’t see them nearly as often as I would like. I have changed a lot since then. I have gained too much weight and my hair is thinning more than I want. But my inner self has changed also. I am outspoken in my faith and what I feel is right. I will say my piece and if you have trouble with it I always hope we can find peace to stay friends. I feel good about who I am. I know longer try to be like others. I have trouble being me sometimes let alone some one else. I still make mistakes and the enemy tries to tell me all my grief that I have done to myself and others. But it is all under the Blood of Jesus now, so I quickly put that away. Feel free to ask me about this or anything I have written. Blessings to all.
Ben C.