Basketball, JBU and all the high schools are in full swing now. The men’s program at JBU is having a rough start.I hope they get their act together or it will be a long year. The women are going very well but the did get beat soundly by some very good NAIA division 2 teams. The Sooner conference will tell the tale of how good they really are. They should win more than they lose and be competitive in all of them.I have no idea how Siloam is doing or will do. They are in a very tough conference.  Prairie Grove boys and girls are always tough. The boys need to step up this year and go to state.

This is  late but the PG football team did great this year. Number 2 in State is nothing to be disappointed in. The whole team should always be proud of their accomplishments.

My Christmas blues or lack of enthusiasm is gone. Christmas Carols and movies have helped along with good friends on Face Book and here in Siloam.  Much love and peace to all, and to all a goodnight.




For all you loyal followers , no there wasn’t a November blog. I couldn’t put anything down that I hadn’t already beat to death.First some personal stuff. My insurance is doubling but I am lucky. It went from 15$ to 30$. But 2 years ago it was zero monthly. No I am not complaining [much] about this. I know I am very lucky compared to many of you. The person that helps me with this says this in not Obama Care but retirement supplement.This week I have been to see a dermatologist to check on some spots. No worries there. Today at 2:00 I get to have a colonascopy. Spell check says that is wrong but I am too lazy to change it. I have put it off for years now. I have rhoids that bleed a little but it should be checked every so often. Another sign of aging. Back to insurance for a minute I almost went with a HMO but decided with my age that wasn’t smart. That doesn’t pay for anything but prescriptions and doctors visits ans only a few hospitals. I am sure I did the right thing.
Well my luck is still the same for Deer hunting. Bad. I drew a lottery for Lake Weddington. I went out the first day and a real nice buck came up from behind me. I didn’t even get a shot off. It was in the bushes I stepped out to get a better look and there it was staring at me. Well it had the better reflexes and took off. Nothing really huge but an 8 or 10 point at least. I laughed and cried, or at least wanted too. I have been bow hunting several times but there hasn’t been anything in my area lately. I am not too down hearted ,yet.
Christmas is almost here and I am not sure if I am in the mood or not. I am not a scrooge but the joy and fun it should be isn’t in me yet. I plan on seeing Its a Wonderful Life, and either Home Alone or Christmas Vacation. I like all of them. The Nativity is the best Jesus birth film out for my money. It provides a good understanding of what Mary and Joseph had to go through.I guess I will make this into 2 parts. I need to get going and get ready for my scope.