For all you loyal followers , no there wasn’t a November blog. I couldn’t put anything down that I hadn’t already beat to death.First some personal stuff. My insurance is doubling but I am lucky. It went from 15$ to 30$. But 2 years ago it was zero monthly. No I am not complaining [much] about this. I know I am very lucky compared to many of you. The person that helps me with this says this in not Obama Care but retirement supplement.This week I have been to see a dermatologist to check on some spots. No worries there. Today at 2:00 I get to have a colonascopy. Spell check says that is wrong but I am too lazy to change it. I have put it off for years now. I have rhoids that bleed a little but it should be checked every so often. Another sign of aging. Back to insurance for a minute I almost went with a HMO but decided with my age that wasn’t smart. That doesn’t pay for anything but prescriptions and doctors visits ans only a few hospitals. I am sure I did the right thing.
Well my luck is still the same for Deer hunting. Bad. I drew a lottery for Lake Weddington. I went out the first day and a real nice buck came up from behind me. I didn’t even get a shot off. It was in the bushes I stepped out to get a better look and there it was staring at me. Well it had the better reflexes and took off. Nothing really huge but an 8 or 10 point at least. I laughed and cried, or at least wanted too. I have been bow hunting several times but there hasn’t been anything in my area lately. I am not too down hearted ,yet.
Christmas is almost here and I am not sure if I am in the mood or not. I am not a scrooge but the joy and fun it should be isn’t in me yet. I plan on seeing Its a Wonderful Life, and either Home Alone or Christmas Vacation. I like all of them. The Nativity is the best Jesus birth film out for my money. It provides a good understanding of what Mary and Joseph had to go through.I guess I will make this into 2 parts. I need to get going and get ready for my scope.


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