Basketball, JBU and all the high schools are in full swing now. The men’s program at JBU is having a rough start.I hope they get their act together or it will be a long year. The women are going very well but the did get beat soundly by some very good NAIA division 2 teams. The Sooner conference will tell the tale of how good they really are. They should win more than they lose and be competitive in all of them.I have no idea how Siloam is doing or will do. They are in a very tough conference.  Prairie Grove boys and girls are always tough. The boys need to step up this year and go to state.

This is  late but the PG football team did great this year. Number 2 in State is nothing to be disappointed in. The whole team should always be proud of their accomplishments.

My Christmas blues or lack of enthusiasm is gone. Christmas Carols and movies have helped along with good friends on Face Book and here in Siloam.  Much love and peace to all, and to all a goodnight.



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