It is cold outside but today we hit 32 but the low will be in the 20s. Garret says minimum ice and snow tomorrow. Let us hope so. I am not against snow. At least a couple of inches. If it is going to snow a lot then at least a foot. I don’t have to get out in it so I can say that.I am not one to push climate change. We have had very cold days and winter is always cold, But the lack of snow bothers me. We usually have some in November. When I was at Tech some of the best snows was then. Very little in December if any at all.The dusting this past Sunday doesn’t count. Why is February and March the times now to get all of our snow. Yes we have always had snow then but we have always had it before then also. No more in May thank you very much. The world goes in cycles. This may be just a different cycle. But I have no proof of that either. Just thinking out loud.
I write this so I can have a history of what is important in my life at certain times of the year. I also write because I think it is fun. I like to express my feelings and thoughts. My punctuation may not always be correct and I sometimes misspell word or even mess up whole sentences but I still need to do this for me.
I just got through watching the latest show of NICS. I truly enjoy that show. All of the characters are great and I get emotional watching it. Laughing to tears sometimes. Tonight Bishop was writing a letter to Harry Truman. Well I haven’t written a letter to a dead person but it is something that sounds like they do in English classes now. I am not sure who I would write to, whether it would be in the 20th century or earlier. Some names have come to mind. Eisenhower before D Day, Patton, during the battle of the Bulge, or maybe Armstrong when he got back from the moon. I got to meet him once. Many years after the landing. At a golf tournament in Bella Vista. No I wasn’t playing. Think about it, would there be any one you would write to. Maybe a great grand parent you know nothing about. No we couldn’t get answers now but I think just asking the questions shows what kind of person you are and who you would write to would be revealing also. Of course you would have to keep it a secret. People close to you may think you are nuts.
This week end it may hit 50 again. If so I will be bow hunting again. Without sunshine my body numbs very quickly. Take care and stay warm. Ben. Feel free to comment. I can take it.