The Gray Mouse That Didn’t

Mr. Gray Mouse wanted to go for a stroll. It was a beautiful day and he wanted some fresh air. Now Mr. Gray Mouse rarely left his comfortable home. It was large, full of warmth, food and all the comforts that he needed and enjoyed. Today he put on his new top hat and put his silver cane on his arm and made sure he had his shoes shining before he stepped out of the house. The sun was shining brightly and giving out a very nice warmth. He barely made it 20 steps when he ran into Mr. and Mrs Squirrel. They as always were busy scurrying around trying to find extra food. When Mr. Gray Mouse asked what they did with all that food they surprised him by saying ” Of course we keep what we feel we need for the coming winter but the extra we give to those that need it”. Mr. Gray Mouse said his good day to the Squirrels. He thought to himself why would they save any for others. There is an abundance of everything right now. He next came across Mr Mole. Mr Mole was getting up in years and besides being practically blind he was getting deaf also. Mr. Gray Mouse shouted out a hello and how are you. Mr. Mole responded ” No jello for me thank you. It gets in the beard.” “No” I yelled back ” Hello! to you.” Mr. Mole said ” God Bless you. I have to leave now. Good Day to you”. Well that put Mr. Gray Mouse in a confused and bewildered state of mind. But he told himself that wasn’t going to ruin his day out. Soon after passing the big willow tree he heard small little bells ringing. The first thought was what a racket those bells are making. We need peace and quiet. In just a few more steps he found out what was causing all the racket. It was the local mice church. You know the ones where all the poor mice go. Attendance must have been quite good that day for he could hear the whole church singing, and the windows were even down. He never really liked going by there because he thought it to be so below him. What need of church and loud singing. He quickly walked by and made sure no one spotted him. Next he came across 2 sickly looking chipmunks. They had caught a very bad strain of chipmunk flue and did not look good at all. They were shivering even on this warm day and looked like they were on their last legs. Mr.Gray Mouse tried to cheer them up. ” What a beautiful day it is today. Don’t you think so.” They just looked at each other and asked if he could spare an old blanket for them. They had 2 little ones they needed to keep warm also. He paused for a moment and thought of the nice extra warm blankets he had stored. But they were hand me downs for 3 generations and he couldn’t bare the thought of letting them go. So he told them no he didn’t have anything for them. Well he had almost made the circle of the field he called home. In fact he could see the front door very easily now. He arrived at the door and about to go in when everything went dark. That was very strange because just a few seconds ago it was a bright warm day. Then He heard a voice in the darkness. “I have been waiting for you for a long time.” Mr. Gray Mouse had no idea where the voice was coming from or whom was speaking. He said who are you and why is it so dark. The voice said “I go by many names and none of them are nice. You have come to my home.” ” Why am I here and how do I leave.” The voice answered, ” You have created this place for yourself. Your deeds and thoughts have created this special place for you.” ‘I don’t want to be here let me go. I do not deserve such a cold and damp place.”‘ I have been a very moral and good mouse.’ I have done nothing wrong.” The voice only laughed in a very nasty tone.”You have done nothing right either.” ‘ You had a very nice place. A lot of good things.” “So there is nothing wrong with that.” But you would not help the needy such as the squirrels were willing to do. Though your pantry was over flowing. You would not give your spare blankets to the chipmunks though they were very cold and sick. You would not even help the little ones.” Mr Gray Mouse started feeling guilty but he was still not sure why he was being punished. The voice came back and said “The reason you are here is because you did not choose the blessing that was very near and calling you”. The church you passed was the place you should have gone too. It was saying come in and worship the living one”.
Outside Mr. Gray Mouse’s home was a very happy coyote with only a tail hanging out of his mouth.