Eat with Family.

I recently saw a video of British families. The adults and the children were separated and asked the same question.  If you could have dinner with any one who would it be with, dead or alive.   Well the answers varied in a large way of course for the adults. Paul Hogan, Jimmy Hendrix, to Bob Hope. There were 6 families on the video.  Then the kids were brought out. The adults were able to see the children’s answer but they were not out there with them.  As far as I know they never saw the adult answers. Some said right off that they wanted to eat with mom and dad. Those that hesitated and thought for several seconds said mom and dad. Each parent was shocked.  Some cried, others just smiled real big.

I was brought up in a large family. 6 kids. 5 were at the dinner table for many years. My oldest sister was married by the time my little brother was born. Supper time was the big meal for us.  My mother did most of the cooking but my sisters began helping at a young age. We never had a large table so with the parents and kids at the table it was a squeeze. I loved it. I don’t remember any one time or what we always talked about but it was a time of being one and a time we knew we were loved. Fried chicken, hamburger gravy, stew, and chili. It was all good.I don’t know when it happened but I know it was after my sisters were married and my oldest brother was out of the house, but we soon seemed to have more and more suppers in front of the tv.  I don’t remember complaining about but I do know that I missed those time around the table. Did I complain, no, so I have no excuse.

I don’t know if families stop to have suppers around the table now or not.  I am sure it does happen but families are so busy now that I wonder if they realize what they are missing.  They have many reasons and none of them are bad but I don’t think the parents know what is being missed. Do you have to have your 5 year old in kiddie soccer, or  T ball.  What I hear a lot is every child does it. But I don’t think the kids care. The parents do it for 2 main reasons. They want a child to get an early push in sports so they will be good some day. Others do it because their friends do it.  Believe me mom and dad your child wants to be with you. If this sounds like I am against sports for children it truly isn’t. When the child is old enough to know where all the bases are and are more interested in playing ball than picking flowers or butterflies then go ahead. Also when games and practice gets in the way of eating meals together then you had better make sure your children get parents time. And that isn’t in left field for 5 innings.

Now I am not getting on any ones case. I will not ask whether or not you eat supper with your children. It isn’t my business. But your children will be glad when you have those special meals together even if they don’t know it.  Well I have said my peace. Send a comment if you want, I always welcome them.

Ben C.


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