August 1

Well I skipped July again. The only thing I did  exciting was catch one large mouth bass from a pond. 3 hours of fishing. One fish.  But it was the first fish in Arkansas that I have caught in years.

Today is the 16 anniversary of my son Marc passing away. I won’t go into details but it was from cancer and it was very hard on family and friends.  It is very easy to remember the good things about Marc.  His ear to ear smile. His bounce in his walk and his very funny humor. Marc never was mean but he did like to pull pranks sometimes at others expense.  He toilet tissued  our neighbors trees one time then he tried to push it on some one else. Well we had no proof but I knew the person he blamed wouldn’t do it without help.  He was very good at sports. Any he played he seemed to excel in. T ball through Little League. He made several all star teams. He was even better at basketball. He had an excellent shot and was quick enough to play good defense. It was early on that step dad was out of his league.  His later years he played some basketball but loved golf even more. I cannot say how good he was because he never played in competition. He played against the course and himself as golf should be played.  I would play that also and had even less of a chance of beating him.  In fact if I beat any of his friends I was very happy. Yes I did keep my exuberance in check.

The most amazing about Marc was his inner strength. Oh, it was shown at times in ball games and other things that had happened in life, but it was his bout with cancer that it  shown like a beacon. From the very beginning he had strength that came through. We all had high hopes at first and we all thought it would go away. But as time wore on instead of letting it get him down to depression he was always ready to tackle any problem that arose. Now I won’t say he never got sad. He did, but what 14 or 15 year old wouldn’t. His amazing attitude never stayed sad. He was always fighting, smiling and good to people.

The world lost a very special person that day. I lost a very special son.  But the only thing that helps now is the FACT I know he is with Jesus waiting for us to join him.

I have shed a few tears writing this I am not ashamed to say. It has been a while since I have expressed my feelings about him.I miss him a lot. Thanks  Ben C.


2 thoughts on “August 1

  1. Ron says:

    I understand Ben. I feel the same way about Rachel.

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