September Song No matter who wins

I won’t write down the song. It is truly a favorite of mine. Especially the Willie Nelson  version. I have had a hard time trying to think of a something new to say. Every one knows this is my favorite time of the year. College football,  cooler weather around the corner, and baseball playoffs ready to start. To some this is a beginning of the end. The leaves change and soon fall off and the grass dies, winter and the cold after that.  But this year it is a beginning for me. I cannot say why but new things are happening. Good things, creative things, spiritual things.  I do not know what these will be but deep down new things are happening.  Whether it is just for me or something I can share and will know exactly when they happen I do not know but I look forward to such things.

The election, of course, is not far off now and it is getting down to the nitty gritty and though nothing new has been thrown out, many things I think are happening. In the world we are in and the spiritual world that we cannot see but in our hearts feel the tidings. Many things can happen between now and then and I do not have any eye to the future of what will happen.  But things will happen. Maybe things that will change the out come. But again I have not any  sure answers or sight. I am no longer scared of the future no matter who wins. I feel that America is already at a point that God is ready to judge it. No matter who wins, things will be very hard on us. We have a candidate that prefers abortion, the sin of sodomy to be common, and the sin of homosexual marriage to be made pushed on every one.  But the other is not much better. A man who only has had the love of money to be his god. A person that puts fear  in any that is not the same color or status as he is. Whether it be true bigotry or a way to get votes I cannot say but I do not like him. The next 6 weeks could be very telling for either.  I ask that you not put your faith in either person, but put it in God and only Him.  Our faith will be tested no matter who wins and we must be the over comers. This is not to be taken with fear and trembling but with joy and glad tidings. Our faith may be tested but when we come out as His with the fire cleansed spirits, we should be very happy and know that God is with us. The fire may burn and hurt but it will be a cleansing fire.

I may do more later. Hopefully with a more uplifting message. Please this is just my thoughts and not prophecy or preaching. Vote according to your heart.

Ben C. Feel free to comment.


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