Dragons Curse

No, I haven’t got a strange disease or anything like that but I do want to write a few things before October.  A dragons curse is when you take the dragons gold or you have become obsessed with it. I know of 2 stories where this has happened.  First in Tolkien’s the “Hobbit”. Second is C.S. Lewis’  ” Voyage of the Dawn Treader”.  In the Hobbit  King Oakenshield has taken over the den of Smaug, but has become obsessed with the gold and the Arkenstone.  It makes him mad with greed and he will not share any of it though he has done nothing to earn it himself. In the Dawn Treader, Eustace,  the pain in the neck cousin, is smite with this when he puts on a gold bracelet he has found from a dead dragon. Eustace turns into a dragon himself. Edmund and Prince Caspian has a bout with it, though no dragon was near. They found a pond that turned everything into gold. They argue and have a small fight over what to do with it.  I will not delve into more of the stories because every person should read them if you haven’t. The Lewis books [Chronicles of Narnia] are quit managerial any time and ” The Hobbit” makes a great winter book for the long nights ahead.

Now why did I bring all that up. Good question.  I have never thought of me as a greedy person but I can sometimes  remember places and times when I was. I didn’t want to share. I wanted to have whatever small thing I had for myself. Sometimes begrudgingly I would share without any one asking. Other times I would try to hide what I had. Then other times I would get convicted and share. Now most of us have been in these situations. I hate them because I know I am always wrong when I don’t share. ANYTHING. Whether it be a couple of fries or a new toy I may have. But I am learning, whether fast or slow I do not know, I am learning.  This may all sound trivial to you and it may be but I think all of us to a degree have a bit of dragon sickness in us.  I think too often about the wonderful things I could do if I were to win a lottery at some time. I would use some for very good things but even in my day dreams I come to realize how much me, myself and I would be in that money.

I am not pointing a finger at anyone. Nobody else brought this on. Doesn’t matter to me if you are just hanging on or are very well off, this can hit any one. I would like you to take a closer look this week and see if you can be a sharer and not a keeper. I will try. It will take work.

Thanks   Ben C.




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