This not to change any ones mind on anything. Just me letting off steam. So if you disagree, that is okay.

First off is that the world doesn’t survive on sports. Now those of you that know me know I like sports, almost all of them. But my world does not rotate around one team or sport.  What I am saying that I like to watch the Tigers on Friday nights, the Hogs on Saturdays and Dallas on Sundays. I watch a lot. Nothing wrong with that as far I know but my life is not sports. Take them all away,everything,   and my life still goes on. I would find other things to do.

This week I have read several stories about how the NFL is losing people watching. Not on purpose but I am one of those. I don’t have cable or satellite tv so I can’t watch but a quarter of Sunday night and maybe a Thursday night game. You know my life hasn’t ended or I haven’t gone insane because of not watching.  As of 2015 the league office is no longer considered a non profit. So nice of them to become a part of the real world. 4 to 10 billion dollars  they can be taxed and not hurt anything.  I haven’t watched a whole NBA game in years. I haven’t missed it at all. When Jordan quit so did I.

Now you are wondering why the title. Sports is minor in your life also.  How about the political scene or obscene as the case may be. I think I said in the past neither one of the major candidates are worth the sheet of paper or the electricity for the computer that will be used to vote for them. I do mean both of them. I am really tired of all the crazy ideas of Trump and how he will save the U.S. We don’t need a wall the whole stretch of Mexico.  That is one of the dumbest ideas ever. Give the law enforcement the money they need and let them do their job. That will help more than a wall. Best reason, we can’t afford one. Unless Trump builds it himself.  Second is his keeping out all Muslims. It will never happen and shouldn’t.  This country wasn’t built on fear or keeping people out.  No I don’t like the religion either but this country was built on letting people in that did it the right way. Now I am not for 50 thousand refugees that we have no clue of who they are in. If they come put, them in D.C.  I am stopping here not because I am not done but I have a lot more and it is late. I haven’t started on Hillary yet. Please hold any comments [if any] until part 2 comes out please.


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