Here  again I am not here to persuade you to vote my way. I am telling you what God has been telling me.  When I get into the booth and vote I will say a prayer. A prayer for wisdom and guidance. I am still not sure who I will vote for.  I am positive it won’t be for Clinton.  I have been struggling with this since Trump got the nomination.  The only reason I might vote for him would be to  get a conservative back on the Supreme Court. A good reason but is it good enough. Building a wall is not a good reason. He is building a wall but it is a bad one to have.  Keeping out Islam is not a good reason. Sorry folks it is here already and it would be unAmerican  to keep them out or shut down the mosque for just because we can.

But the really big reason I will pray is because I would like to hear God’s voice in this.  God will allow whom ever we choose. For the good or the bad. He will use that choice for His works.  No matter who we choose that will not alter His strategies or His thinking.  It could have a huge difference on how America goes. Whether it keeps going down hill or it has redemption and a revival.

God is in control all over the earth. When an evil person or government is set up, God will allow evil things to happen.  But in the end God and good will prevail. Example, Hitler in Germany. Hitler rose up because he tickled ears and he was led by the evil one.  Satan has always tried to get rid of the Jews. He tried the Pharaohs, Different city states in the promised land and different peoples such as the Philistines and the Hittites. He used the Judges to keep going on a straight path. The people kept going away from God. They told Samuel they wanted a king like every one else. They got Saul who was very much like the other Kings. Most of you know the history of the OT Jews so I won’t go into all of the stuff that went on but the people followed the Kings good or bad. The leadership set things up for them and their children. From Solomon to Zedekiah.  Back to Hitler he tried very hard to get rid of the Jews. 8 million by him alone. I don’t think that those in Russia and the Ukraine were a part of those numbers. Maybe they were. But God used that awful war to get a home for the Jews. So God can use horrible things to come for good and to fulfill His prophecies.

This US election might be one of those cases.We will get what we deserve no matter who is elected.  I know not of anything good that can happen if Clinton is elected. But I have to be honest and do not see much Godly good coming from Trump. I can have both sides mad at me and I don’t care. No matter who wins Tuesday there will be a Wednesday. God will still be God and will be LORD. We must stay on our knees so we can hear his voice and not some tickle of the ear. Too long and boring maybe but I write from my heart when it is time to write. God Bless all of you.  Ben C


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