I will not try to bore,  just some things I want to put down. I am sure you all have heard before.

Jesus the King born in a manger. No Bethlehem bells s ringing, no shouts of Hail to the King.  In a feeding loft for a cow or a donkey.  No Alleluia chorus or even a Silent Night. Joseph, Mary and maybe a woman from the inn to help with the birth. When I was small I used to think that Mary never felt any pain, or that the baby Jesus never cried. I think I got those ideas from the movies of the time [60’s] and I was never very bright on such things.  But it doesn’t end there does it. The angels appear before the shepherds and there is the shouts, singing and the alleluias. I don’t remember a number for the shepherds but the sky was filled with angels. I too would have been on my knees scared of what I couldn’t understand. They were told where to find the child and they sought Him out. There was no halo around His head nor any other special sign but just a small babe clothed in sheets and blankets. But because of the angels  they knew they were seeing something special. Can you imagine  them try to to tell what they had seen. Do you think they were believed? It would be like some one trying to tell they had seen a u f o .  It wasn’t a snowy night though it could have a chill in the air.  Much debate on when it happened. I always like to think September or October but this is a guess only.  Well I think we do know that it took all the money Mary and Joseph had to get to Bethlehem. We know they had to find a place to stay and that they were there for an extended amount of time.  We know the Wise Men showed up during this time and not the night of His birth.  We know they had stopped to see Herod before they met Jesus as a child. We also know that Herod knew nothing about what the shepherds had seen or heard and that he was distressed about some child being born to take over his throne. It never entered Herod’s mind this child was of God and the Messiah fore told by the prophets.  We know of the very nice gifts that the Wise Men gave to  Jesus and His parents. We know that Jesus was between 1 and 3 when this happened. Probably closer to 3.  Joseph had the dream to leave and go to Egypt. He had s small amount probably saved up for the trip to Nazareth. He got the expensive gifts and now could get enough money to go to Egypt, live for sometime and then return to Nazareth. This just my speculation but Joseph probably didn’t have much of the money left by the time he made it back home. It would have been hard to explain coming back with an abundance, since they were poor when they had left. How would you explain it all to your neighbors and friends.

So ends the story of His birth and his very early years. I told you it would be nothing fantastic but I woke up having to put it down into my own words. I would not have had peace until it was written down and finished.