I guess every new year we wonder what the new year will hold.  Will it be as good as the last? It has got to be better than the last. Will this be my last? Yes, a new year can be a frightening  experience , a challenging one,  a despondent one or a joyous happening that will last the whole year. I have no special eye into the new year, to see what is ahead. I try to take them one day at a time like most every one else.  But I have a feeling that 2017 will be a challenge to a lot of us no matter where we are. We have a new president. To some that is a great thing and to others it is a cause of fear. Trump is not the man I had hoped for. Yes I do think he is better than the other but we will find out soon if that is true or not. I do not put my trust in the president of the United States no matter who it is. I have not seen one yet that was great all the time or who I thought did what was right every time. I do not put my trust in republicans or democrats. They are both are flawed and will let every one down sooner or later. We have all learned not to trust Congress any time. They will not bring happiness or love. They will not heal the sick or cloth the naked or feed the poor. They cannot heal the heart or get rid of racism, hate or mistrust.  They cannot pick me up when I am at my lowest point or put me into the Heavenlies with joy,love or peace.

We will all go through rough times. Some do or will have health problems, others family or money troubles.  But we should all know who to lean on, cry out too and shout for joy too. There is nothing to hard for Jesus. There is nothing too big or to small. For many of us we know that is true. Others you want to believe that but seem to have a hard time letting go of things and giving them over to Christ.  Some will say I have but not seen anything come from it. To that I say did you want a part time fix or did you give Christ your whole heart. God is not something we can dial up and order or something Amazon has that if if the product didn’t do as we had hoped we can exchange it.

Many have difficulties of some sort and would like to see them go away. Sometimes they do. When they do be sure to give God the glory no matter if you think a miracle happened or not. Maybe a friend helped you out or you got money in the mail or a doctor gave you medicine that worked. God works in the small as well as the big. But Ben, you say I still have my problems or I lost some one close to me. I too have lost some very close to me. But I know that they are with Christ and waiting on me to be with them. He is God and will work the way He wants but He wants us to ask for the small and the big.  I don’t care what church you attend or how you feel about God working in your life. A lot has to do with how you big you think God is. Whether He is something only for Sundays or He is Lord of every step you take and every breath you breathe. If you  want a big God you must want Him all the time and you must ask for big things.

I guess I am getting preachy. Forgive me. This isn’t for any one special or any group. Today at my small church, I got an inkling of what is going to happen in my life and for my church. It is very exciting and I am looking forward to it. I will still be poor and waiting for God to heal my whole body. But until that day comes I will praise Him in the valleys and the mountain tops. I will shout unto the Lord the praise He deserves and I will dance as David danced with joy in my heart. Blessings to all. Look forward to 2017 with gladness because you have Jesus in your heart.


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