Being Trimmed.

I told a friend the other day I was going through a rough patch.  And I thought I was.  But now I think it was more than that. I maybe being trimmed as the verses in John 15. The verses about the vineyard that has to be trimmed to produce good fruit.  Well I feel like I am being trimmed.  In those verses the Holy Spirit comes and trims away the stuff that is useless and doesn’t produce good fruit.  Now we all would like to think that means dead things or vine. But that isn’t all that is cut off. There are live branches that get cut and trimmed also. I don’t think a vine of grapes feels pain or anxiety when being trimmed. We do.  Yes I said we. I believe we all have done things that He has trimmed away and it hurt. Not necessarily because we want to keep doing what we were doing but because we couldn’t rid ourselves of it. Either we didn’t have the nerve to do it or we never got rid of the right branches. When the Holy Spirit works He never misses or cuts away the wrong vine. He always get the correct ones and He never takes too much or too little. Every week this month has been hard but good. It has been hard because I let things get out of hand that I thought I could or thought I was handling, areas of my life that should have died a long time ago. I let them back in. But God’s grace is always there for us when we need it most. Now I need to repent. A word that I have used on blogs on the net to others. Now I need to step up[ but that still means relying on the Holy Spirit.]

The Good is that I have seen great things happen all around me. Healings and other things that only God could do. But I have also heard sermons and been in small groups where God was trying to get me ready for this trimming I am receiving. I have never felt like God had left me or was losing my faith or salvation. Sermons on grace, redemption, faith. All the things that I have needed to hear.

You may ask why I would put this here, on a site where every one can read it. It is to let every one know that God loves you just as you are. Whether you have done things lately that is truly gross or if you are being trimmed like me and going through a hard time. God loves us. I ask that you pray for me and let me know either by FACEBOOK messenger or call me and I will pray for you. You don’t have to tell me why or what you are going through. Just say pray for me. I will.



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