“Keep On Going”

Yes, I borrowed that from NCIS.  It is short for”if you are going through hell, keep on going”. Ducky told Jimmy that in last weeks episode. I am not going through the whole show so don’t worry about that.  It is more of what I am putting myself through.  No, my life isn’t collapsing. Far from it; but that trimming needs to keep on and I some how need to buck up.  I feel so stupid at times knowing what I am supposed to do but keep on doing the wrong thing.  I am so glad I have a merciful God that  has an endless amount of grace. As you may have noticed this is my third time to write this month. I only do it if I feel the urge. I know these aren’t always great and may be boring at times but they help me get a lot off my chest. And that is the reason I write, as a stress remover and a way to express my feelings at the moment. I am alone most of the time. I have no children to yell at, no wife to put me in my place and no dog to talk to when I need to talk. So I write. The computer only tells me when I spell a word wrong.

I got to see my granddaughter this past weekend. First time in 15 years. Too long and sad of a story to put down on this but I am very grateful she let me meet meet her. It was 20 minutes during a work break for her.  Not enough time to make up for 15 years but I soaked up every minute.  She is a very smart senior at Harbor, and a pretty redhead.  She has even written a book.  She also likes to talk and does it rapidly. I guess most girls her age do. Plus she may have been a little stressed also.   She has made my month even with all the trials going on.

About time for bed.  I hope you are all well. Ben.





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