Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

I am listening to the 2nd Chapter of Acts. The songs are just as relevant today as they were when they were written.  The music is definitely 70s and 80s but that is another reason to like them I think.  From Easter song [ one of the best ever written] to Mansion Builder to Hymns 1 and 2 to Narnia. They all hit the sweet spots. Not just for nostalgia sake but the message hits home and makes me open my eyes. Now I could do that with almost any Christian artist but today it is Acts. I have said I have been going through a rough patch and it is still rough at times but the great thing is I have never felt like Jesus has ever left me, I have never felt alone.  Now that hasn’t stopped me from messing up but it is a time where I know He loves me no matter how stupid I am at times. I think it is a growth even though you would think doing wrong is not growth, the growth comes with me understanding even more how He loves me. I still need to ask forgiveness and repent. That is a must but I can do those things always having him close by me. I know God hasn’t got those lightning bolts aimed at me, or that He turns His back on me. Those are lies of the enemy.

Those of you that use computers to read this please check out the group Rend Collection. The song THE JOY OF THE LORD IS MY STRENGTH is one of my favorites now. It is quite a bit different than the old song with that title. It will get you tapping your toes and those of you that dance, it is a good one to move too.

For those that has ears let him hear. Those words are used several times in the New Testament. Mark and Mathew they are said by Jesus but the place I remember it is in Revelation. Revelation 2:29 ” Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”  Those words are for each generation but I think even more so today.  The “church” is at a point where it must decide who it is to follow. Do we live in Godly ways or do we conform to the world. Most of you know what I am talking about. It isn’t about keeping sinners out. No! may it never be.  The harlots, sluts. drunks, those of another religion, liars and cheats must hear about Christ. They must hear it from us. The preacher will not reach them. They will not go to the church website and listen for 45 minutes. We have to be the ones doing the talking. Actions are great but there are a lot of good people that don’t know Christ.  They act no different than we do in most places.  Now I am not pointing any fingers and if you think I am then remember I have several pointing at me for the one pointing at you.  I don’t always live up to my preaching either. But I am trying to do better. Always happy to see comments , even those that disagree. Ben C



Now I come to the really hard part. The one that tugs at my soul because I am not sure what is correct. As I stated last night I don’t really have a problem with a mandate for certain countries.  2 of those are Somalia and Yemen.  I am not sure why we let any one in from those countries. If you don’t understand look up USS Cole or watch the movie Black Hawk down.  The movie probably did not show all the horror that went on at that time. Well as I did not put down last night the mandate has been over turned for now. I can live with that also.

The trouble in my heart is when it comes to refugees.  People that cannot go back and live because they have no place to go back to.  Nothing. No home, no business and no one to buy anything even if it was still standing. The Bible is very clear on how we should treat those that are less fortunate than we are.  Jesus says even our enemies should be treated well. Those things are in the Word. We cannot deny that. Yet where do we put these refugees? How many do we take in or let live in one area? Do we give them trailers like they tried to do for Katrina.  Do we make shelters for them like they did for the American citizens that had Japanese in their blood. Wire around the camps with armed guards and dogs. How many millions for this broke country do we spend on housing,safety for them and us, medical help, food and clothing.  All these are good questions I think but I do not have an answer for any of them.

People say why doesn’t the other Muslim countries take them in.  They might if they were the same type of Muslim. But there are 5 different sects of Muslims. None of them like or tolerate the other. Sunnis will war against Shi’ites and vice versa and their are at least 3 more that are all separate. Iran will not hake in any one from Iraq and the Saudis will not take any one from Syria. Even  those of the same sect.  Turkey did because the government is secular but as you know from the news they are having problems themselves.

Now again I write this for myself.  If you disagree with me on anything that is okay on my part.  I don’t expect every one to agree with me.  Thank you for reading. Ben C.

Open your eyes,Open your ears, listen to your heart.

This may be the hardest blog for me up to this point.That is saying a lot because I have struggled with several for several different reasons. This is hard because I have to believe 100% what I am writing 100%. Not so say I  am right in everything I put down but that I have a conviction that I am believe in what I am saying. This is not the time to be wishy washy.

Trump is now president. Not quite a month but he has already been called the worst president we have ever had. But not one of you can tell me why.  He nor Congress has taken away the ACA. He has not built any wall on the Mexican border. He has made a mandate against countries that harbor terrorist or have done terrorist activities against us. But he is not the one in charge of letting people in or out. President Obama and Clinton as well as Bush did similar acts when they were president. But not one of then have been accosted like Trump has. He like they did left out a country that should be high on the list, Saudi Arabia. We also know why.  OIL. Whether or not the mandate will work is yet to be seen.  But if it is like most mandates, then there will be abuses of so called power. Good people will not be allowed to get into the country or even BACK into the country. Why, who knows, we won’t. But I am not going to condemn him  for this.  It is his way of trying to stop the bad guys from getting in and hurting people. Will it work? Not 100% but he should do what he sees fit.  Give it a shot.

Should he build a wall. I say no. It is too cost prohibitive to even try. Now I am all for beefing up the Border Patrol giving them more money and the right to have them deal with the illegals. ICE deported around 250 this past week. Most if not all were convicted criminals. You would have thought they had never done this before. Bill Clinton did it, Bush did it and Obama sent 2 million back. Probably all the way back to Reagan. During Clinton’s term, Simmons Food at plant 1 and 2 was shut down for 2 hours while ICE  checked people and papers out. So quit your belly aching. That is nothing new.

Trump’s new cabinet members. Most I have never heard of as is usual, so I can’t say they will great or lousy. But most of the reasons I heard from Democrats were not good enough reasons not to try them out any how. I do think the Trump pick for Supreme Court Justice should be seated.  Was Obama’s pick unqualified, I am sure he was a good judge and lawyer at one time. But because Obama picked him I do think he would have been pro-abortion. I do not want to see a court that is for the destroying of life. Do I think abortion will be banned? No, because I do not think any one will try. I would like to see it over turned bur honestly I do not see it happening. Now I am all for defunding Planned Parenthood. Every government cent they get.  In 2015 they got over 500 million dollars from the government. They received over 350 million from private donations and 300 million from non-government sources.  They do not need tax money to survive.

Stopping this tonight to be continued later.