Other things.

This past week was spring break. For some that was putting up with the kids for a week. For others it was vacation to other places. To some it was a time to have your spouse at home unstressed by work. Which ever it was I hope it was a delight.  For me it was the most boring time in months. The Literacy Council where I tutor was closed, No classes to go to.  Second no small group to attend.  I understand why but it made for a long week. I wasn’t even able to meet with Dave my prayer buddy.  If it wasn’t for March Madness I think I would have gone mad.

Now this week wasn’t a complete bust. Friday at the Walmart Neighborhood Market I got to see Kamerlee.  She was a true tutor student of mine. Back then she was in the 3rd grade and I was helping with her reading. Well I fell head over heels for this cute little girl. I have been praying since she moved to Garfield that I would run into her at Walmart some day. Her grand parents live in Siloam. She had spent the week with them and was doing grocery shopping. Her big infectious smile made my heart burst with joy.  She and the Lord made my month and I told her so.  The second thing happened Sunday. I got to see my grand daughter for the second time. She lives in Springdale. She is a senior in high school and she has a brother 15 that I haven’t seen yet.  I can’t go into details because my fingers would wear out and if you are reading this you would get bored. If you see me and have an hour and are curious we can talk.  So maybe the week wasn’t that bad after all. It ended on a great high side.
Thanks BEN C.



For the last several months I have been watching on Neflix a British Detective  series called Foyle’s  War. It took some getting used to but I have found it most entertaining and a learning experience.  This series was set in W W 2. A man named Micheal Kitchen is the lead Character. If a cop show for you has to have car chases, half naked women, and a shoot out, this will not be your cup of tea. I won’t go too any detail but to say you have to be smart and have a good ear to figure out who is the bad person or persons.  I have learned it is no longer in production because Mr. Kitchen wants to take a break. Whether that means his retirement or just a break from that show I am not sure.  What you will find is clean entertainment with a curse word thrown to make it an adult show and brains to work the cases.  But another reason I enjoy it is the time it is set. It starts right after the war has started and works it way through the war. It shows the high spirits of the Brits at the beginning, the suffering during the blitz. The agony of losing home, loved ones and how different people dealt with these issues.  Issues that probably we have heard about but really have never felt or known. At least I haven’t. Maybe our parents went through shortages and our mothers and fathers or grand parents went to war or did their part but New York or L.A. was never bombed and Brooklyn or  Bangor Maine was never wiped out. It shows the strength, weakness and how some took advantage  of the mess they went through. I am not saying they are stronger than we are but they did suffer more because it hit home.

I am not finished with the series but I think I will start the last season Monday night. All through the series we meet soldiers that are trying to adjust to first the so called phony war. Every one saying and hoping the war will be short. Mostly good spirits and trying to adjust to the life given them.  I don’t mean to rattle on but what I am trying to say it is a very good show about human nature. It shows how and why people act the way they do in crisis,  including children. It shows people of faith in God. People who have lost their faith, con men trying to make money from selling goods at very high prices to those who have never been good. This last show I did was about the last several days and hours of the war and how people had to live through the horror they saw or had to do.  We all know people that went to Vietnam, or the the wars of the Middle East. We have even seen on tv or movies about the damaged ones coming home. I am not talking necessarily those with wounds we can see. But many more are damaged or hurt by what they have seen and done.  To be honest not until the last several years have I  really even come close to understanding any one with a Stress Syndrome. But again I haven’t been close to anyone with it or at least I don’t know of any. Ben being in his shell or just being lucky.

I start as I said the last season and looking forward to them. I hope Mr. Kitchen will reconsider and make a few more.

Thanks Ben