Other things.

This past week was spring break. For some that was putting up with the kids for a week. For others it was vacation to other places. To some it was a time to have your spouse at home unstressed by work. Which ever it was I hope it was a delight.  For me it was the most boring time in months. The Literacy Council where I tutor was closed, No classes to go to.  Second no small group to attend.  I understand why but it made for a long week. I wasn’t even able to meet with Dave my prayer buddy.  If it wasn’t for March Madness I think I would have gone mad.

Now this week wasn’t a complete bust. Friday at the Walmart Neighborhood Market I got to see Kamerlee.  She was a true tutor student of mine. Back then she was in the 3rd grade and I was helping with her reading. Well I fell head over heels for this cute little girl. I have been praying since she moved to Garfield that I would run into her at Walmart some day. Her grand parents live in Siloam. She had spent the week with them and was doing grocery shopping. Her big infectious smile made my heart burst with joy.  She and the Lord made my month and I told her so.  The second thing happened Sunday. I got to see my grand daughter for the second time. She lives in Springdale. She is a senior in high school and she has a brother 15 that I haven’t seen yet.  I can’t go into details because my fingers would wear out and if you are reading this you would get bored. If you see me and have an hour and are curious we can talk.  So maybe the week wasn’t that bad after all. It ended on a great high side.
Thanks BEN C.


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