A short move and big ideas.

It looks like I went through April and didn’t write anything. I get to a point in the Holiday months where I seem to say the same thing even though it might be different words.  I don’t need to tell any one that reads this what Resurrection Sunday is about. We all know His sacrifice and His over coming death for our sake. We just went through a week of heavy rain and some flooding. We have seen small areas of our local towns get flooded. Homes and businesses flooded and we have heard of people losing their lives because of it. I ask that we remember them in our prayers for the weeks to come. Pray for them when God prompts it in your heart. Most have heard of the wind and snow that Kansas, Oklahoma, and the Panhandle of Texas received. Up to a foot of snow in some places. Well it is warming up this week into the 60s  and 70s. That means they may have flooding also but hopefully it will soak into the ground or at least most of it. They truly need the moisture.

I have moved from one apartment to another on the same property.  It took me all of last week between showers to move and clean my small place. 15 minutes of work then 20 minutes of resting my back. My daughter Hannah did most of the moving on Monday. She was truly a blessing last week. I want to think Ray Hines for the massage after church. Again his fingers helped relieve pain I was in.

I want to teach or at least share my thoughts in church one of these Sundays. I don’t have anything truly new to say but I feel like I need too some day soon. Of course that will take preparing and that is something I am not used to doing.  Pastor Dave will not let me until I have a good out line and I truly understand that. I think my biggest problem will be holding my emotions back. It is hard to get a point across if I am weeping or shaking.  I won’t be scared or stage fright will not be a problem but my emotions could be. I truly want to share the good things Jesus is showing me.


Ben C.



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