For the greater good.

A person usually hears those word on a movie or reading a book. To be honest I am not sure if I have been told those words in person.  If now I heard them I would probably look into their eyes and call them a liar. When those words are used it is usually in either a crime movie or a war movie.  Hopefully fiction. But it isn’t always fiction is it. How many hundreds of thousands of times has it been used through out history.  I guess you could say it started in the Garden. What lie did the serpent tell Eve? Go ahead it won’t kill you. It is for the better. So I guess we all have tried to do something along that line sometime in life. It boils down to selfishness.  When it comes to that can any of us say we are not guilty. I can’t.

Joseph was thrown in the pit and sold to slave traders for the his brothers selfish acts. The Pharaoh tried to kill all the male Hebrew children for the greater good of Egypt. Ramses tried to kill all the first born when Moses was an adult for the greater good.

King Saul did not obey the Lord and spared a king and queen plus the herds of cows and sheep for the greater good. God then told Samuel to find another king.

Herod the great killed the babes 2 years and younger for the greater good. His son Herod Antipas locked up John the Baptist for the greater good. Some say Judas betrayed Jesus for the greater good of Israel. That was surly the reason the Jewish leaders wanted him dead. And Pilate didn’t want a riot so he sent Him to the cross.

I could go on through out history telling of the lies people told themselves that their heinous ideas was for the better good. Probably every war in history was based on such lies.

Yes it is still happening every where we turn. The lbgt people think they are trying to force their life style every where for their greater good. I could put down several paragraphs about them alone but I won’t. Blm, KKK,ACLU, southern poverty law system, and of course the right to choose group, are all doing it for the greater good.

Well I have found only one that was selfless. His name was Jesus and his act of great kindness and love was for the better good of the whole world. But satan still has a strangle hold on many. Selfishness is still the rule of the earth sad to say. But we must spread the love, joy, and TRUTH that Jesus said to tell the world. It won’t always be accepted and many will hate us for it. But that is one of the main parts of our lives we must do.  It was a command.

So am I done ranting. for tonight but I was awakened in my soul to put this out. I am not pointing a finger at any of you just telling what is on my heart.  Ben




That’s what I am doing tonight. I have been hoping to be deeply inspired but it hasn’t come. It isn’t the first and probably not the last. Maybe a third of theses are of the top of my head. Probably looks like it to, I know.

I got to give my grand daughter her graduation card last weekend. I went to Springdale and visited a friends church. I don’t attend my home church on Mothers Day or Fathers Day. They have never done anything wrong but it is me and the sadness I feel.  More of a feeling sorry for myself which is dumb I know but it is what it is. My grand daughter was working but she took time to say hi and give me a hug. That is all I needed from her.

I haven’t heard from pastor Dave if he is going to let me have a Sunday morning or not. I turned in a good out line. At least I thought so. I am going to start in Genesis and end up in Revelation. Even some parts in between. Nothing earth shattering but as I said before I do feel like I need to do it. OutReach Center Church in the summer time is always a good time. We always have missionaries from around the world come in. Most were brought up in or started with the church. 25 five or more families. The second Sunday in July will be missionary weekend. Several will be speaking Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

This September will be 45 years that my old church in Russelvillle started up. It started with 50 or more college students and a few married adults not in college. We were young, excited, proud, and green. All the people that helped plant that church are not attending there now. Some are with the Lord and others like me are spread all over the states. But the church is now over 400, I am pretty sure of that number. Definitely one of the largest in Russelville. Not bad for a few college Jesus Freaks.

I have caught a few small perch so far this summer. Which is more than the last several summers. I hope to catch a few catfish. They are easier to clean and easy to cook.

Stay cool and if you come to Siloam or close by let me know.  I would love to see old friends.