That’s what I am doing tonight. I have been hoping to be deeply inspired but it hasn’t come. It isn’t the first and probably not the last. Maybe a third of theses are of the top of my head. Probably looks like it to, I know.

I got to give my grand daughter her graduation card last weekend. I went to Springdale and visited a friends church. I don’t attend my home church on Mothers Day or Fathers Day. They have never done anything wrong but it is me and the sadness I feel.  More of a feeling sorry for myself which is dumb I know but it is what it is. My grand daughter was working but she took time to say hi and give me a hug. That is all I needed from her.

I haven’t heard from pastor Dave if he is going to let me have a Sunday morning or not. I turned in a good out line. At least I thought so. I am going to start in Genesis and end up in Revelation. Even some parts in between. Nothing earth shattering but as I said before I do feel like I need to do it. OutReach Center Church in the summer time is always a good time. We always have missionaries from around the world come in. Most were brought up in or started with the church. 25 five or more families. The second Sunday in July will be missionary weekend. Several will be speaking Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.

This September will be 45 years that my old church in Russelvillle started up. It started with 50 or more college students and a few married adults not in college. We were young, excited, proud, and green. All the people that helped plant that church are not attending there now. Some are with the Lord and others like me are spread all over the states. But the church is now over 400, I am pretty sure of that number. Definitely one of the largest in Russelville. Not bad for a few college Jesus Freaks.

I have caught a few small perch so far this summer. Which is more than the last several summers. I hope to catch a few catfish. They are easier to clean and easy to cook.

Stay cool and if you come to Siloam or close by let me know.  I would love to see old friends.


One thought on “WING IT

  1. Cathy Fidler Davidson says:

    Hi Ben….its been a good year, nearly that I got to meet you again in person and enjoyed the visit….I may be on a further adventure here on my own….I am hoping to move to the Lake district, which is on the border of Scotland..unfortunately Mark wont be with me,…I have disabilities now, but will do my best to climb these hills and mountains to let you see how wonderful they are over here….maybe some day you can come for a visit…Love you my friend, Cath xox

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