At what cost.

These past few days I have been madder than a stirred up hornet. Not any one has done anything to me but what I read what happened to some parents in England and the commenters that have said dumb and hateful things about these parents has got my dander up.

They had a 10 month old child born with a very rare and always fatal disease. I couldn’t spell it now but if you look up the story, you can find out what it is. What made me mad was some bureaucrats in England said this child was not worth the money to send to the US to get experimental treatment. It may have been too little too late but no one will ever know now.  Second part, the hospital told the parents he should die with dignity. Then they denied him going home to die. This really burns me.  I know what is is to have a son severely stricken with a disease. I know what it cost and what doctors can and cannot do. I lost Marc at 16 to cancer. He could have tried experimental treatments but he had gone through 2 1/2 years of chemo, radiation, and a 17 hour operation. The treatment would be more used as a treatment for others down the road. He had little chance. He said no. Everything in me said to try but I was not the one being tortured by all this ” helping” treatment. We took Marc home and a few weeks later he was gone.

Now the part that gets me riled up. So many people throw off life as though it has a $ sign to it. This person isn’t worth more than this amount of money. Garbage. every life is worth any amount of gold or diamonds. People will yell about a puppy or a wild animal and expect millions to be shelled out but not for a sick person. NO MORE TAX DOLLARS.  BS is what I say to all of them.  I know I am hollering in the wrong direction on here and not one of you have upset me. I just needed this to vent out of my system.  Maybe now I can fall to sleep. Take care. If for some reason you disagree with me on this point. Better not say anything to me about it.

Ben C



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