Today is August first. 17 years ago Marc went to be with Jesus. I don’t think I could add to any more than I have said in the past. So I am going to leave it today, Though I will never forget.

We have all seen the babies and toddlers dance and move to music. It is quite entertaining, funny, and sometimes missing the days when we could boogie. This probably isn’t news to you but God put the the joy of music inside of us. All of us. Dancing and singing. It is something we all meant to do. Well Ben you say I can’t hit a note or I have 2 left feet. SO WHAT. We are meant to sing and dance. The Psalms say we only have to make a joyful noise. We have the loud clanging cymbal. Our feet can worship him any time they move for Him. Now I will never get in front of a crowd and try to sing Amazing Grace. I want people to stick around not leave.  I have danced unto the Lord many times. From college to today. The churches I have been in thought it was great. I am not saying I am a Fred Astaire, nope I am not, but I do dance as David danced. It is fun. My stenosis doesn’t always let me do it as often or as long as I want but I still do it.

This is not a push to get any one to sing in church or dance in church but I am saying it should be a praise and a worship all can do. Even if only in the privacy of our homes.

Thank you for your love and prayers, BEN C.