Why I Hunt and Fish Alone

I love to fish and hunt. I will happily go with any one. Novice, beginner  or old pro. It is very fun to share a good time. Share the fishing stories or deer tales about the antlers that got away.

But now you want to know why I don’t do more of that.  2 reasons. First not many can go when I can. I am a spur of the moment type person. I get the urge and most of the time I go. Morning, or afternoon. If I need to take a lunch or drinks [tea] I will.  I can get up at 6 a.m. or leave at 2 p,m.

The other reason I go by myself is all the stupidity and clumsiness that goes on in my life. I am talking about walking through the woods and trying to be quiet when I trip and my crossbow goes one way and my body goes another. I don’t run into trees but stumps, loose rocks, thick vine roots seek me out.  Now I just wait till daylight and cock my bow when I get to my blind. Safer and I am not scared of breaking a leg. Ever notice when falling down it always seems like a movie slow motion. The other bad habit I have is going out of my blind at the wrong time. I mean I can sit for 2 hours with minimum movement and not see or hear anything but that gray squirrel that always shows up. I get up either to move a few yards or move something I have down that I think must be in a bad spot. Well I get out and set my bow down for 10 seconds and I will hear the snort or see the white flag jumping from tree to tree.

Now fishing isn’t so dangerous but I have 2 small tackle boxes.  I grab them, my 2 poles, bass, and catfish, and plus my chair. After dropping a pole, a box and then my chair every 10 yards, one at a time, I soon put some of them down and come back for them.  Next is finding the right spot. Very little weeds or logs, deep water, and a flat place to sit. Again making sure there are no rocks or roots I am sitting on. Next comes the getting the lines and poles ready to cast. After being dropped at least once the lines can be wrapped around the pole and the hooks must be found. I haven’t hooked myself putting on bait in years but they seem to come for me before the line is unwrapped. After I get the lines ready I cast. Hopefully it  goes in the direction I want. The worst is casting, the line hangs up, and then wraps around my pole again. It happens. Too much. Finally I get it out near where I want it. I wait, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes. I reel it in and either the bait is gone or just as bad, it is still there. I cast again hoping it will go where I want it.  I get a bite, I get excited. another bite and I get ready to jerk. Nothing. I reel in, no bait.  I do every thing again. Again waiting.

While waiting, I get my other reel ready. Put on the artificial bait I want and throw it out. It never moved.  I try again. Again I throw it out.  Nothing.  I check my line, it doesn’t move. I push the button 3 more times. Finally it moves. I pull it out a few feet by hand. Reel it up and cast. I duck as the lure and hook fly past my ear. I start to curse and get mad when my my other pole takes a big bend.  I rush over and jerk. I have something. It is heavy. I reel in the best I can. I get it near the shore and it is a huge snapping turtle. I can’t get the hook out. I cut the line.  I then go over to my other pole. I check the line again, 20 feet this time. I get everything set and throw it out. I get it where I want, [ close any how]. I start bring in the line and get a bite. I jerk and seem to have caught something.  I get it close to shore and everything stops.  I jerk hard. I jerk had again. The  hook goes flying past my ear.  I am going to stop here but you get my drift. I don’t mind you laughing at me reading this. It beats you laughing at me in person holding your big bass.