This is totally new to me so I hope it hits home. Like most people I don’t like being labeled and put into a box that says I am this. I hope this site will help people that don’t know me well to do so and the ones that do or think they do will put in and tell me if I am being truthful or not.
This what I know I am, a Christian and I don’t mind sharing that with any one. I have specific views on topics that may or may not suit well with friends or buddies but we agree to disagree.
I am not the same person I was 40 years ago when I graduated high school. I am more out going, I have my own opinions which I will share when I see fit. I have grown up like most of us have since then.
I am a sports fan of all types but what I enjoy most are JBU basketball, PG high school ball of any type and the Northwest Arkansas Naturals. College football over pros and Hockey over NBA.
Deer hunting is a big joy but my back and age wont let me hunt like I want any more. I still go but it is harder for me to get out.
I am divorced and it is still painful for me. Fran is a friend and that is a very good thing. It is too long of a story to put on here.
Well this is a start and maybe soon I be more specific in one area but I will also talk about headlines or things that are important to me that I didn’t put down today. Ben C 3-21-2013


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