Being Trimmed.

I told a friend the other day I was going through a rough patch.  And I thought I was.  But now I think it was more than that. I maybe being trimmed as the verses in John 15. The verses about the vineyard that has to be trimmed to produce good fruit.  Well I feel like I am being trimmed.  In those verses the Holy Spirit comes and trims away the stuff that is useless and doesn’t produce good fruit.  Now we all would like to think that means dead things or vine. But that isn’t all that is cut off. There are live branches that get cut and trimmed also. I don’t think a vine of grapes feels pain or anxiety when being trimmed. We do.  Yes I said we. I believe we all have done things that He has trimmed away and it hurt. Not necessarily because we want to keep doing what we were doing but because we couldn’t rid ourselves of it. Either we didn’t have the nerve to do it or we never got rid of the right branches. When the Holy Spirit works He never misses or cuts away the wrong vine. He always get the correct ones and He never takes too much or too little. Every week this month has been hard but good. It has been hard because I let things get out of hand that I thought I could or thought I was handling, areas of my life that should have died a long time ago. I let them back in. But God’s grace is always there for us when we need it most. Now I need to repent. A word that I have used on blogs on the net to others. Now I need to step up[ but that still means relying on the Holy Spirit.]

The Good is that I have seen great things happen all around me. Healings and other things that only God could do. But I have also heard sermons and been in small groups where God was trying to get me ready for this trimming I am receiving. I have never felt like God had left me or was losing my faith or salvation. Sermons on grace, redemption, faith. All the things that I have needed to hear.

You may ask why I would put this here, on a site where every one can read it. It is to let every one know that God loves you just as you are. Whether you have done things lately that is truly gross or if you are being trimmed like me and going through a hard time. God loves us. I ask that you pray for me and let me know either by FACEBOOK messenger or call me and I will pray for you. You don’t have to tell me why or what you are going through. Just say pray for me. I will.



I guess every new year we wonder what the new year will hold.  Will it be as good as the last? It has got to be better than the last. Will this be my last? Yes, a new year can be a frightening  experience , a challenging one,  a despondent one or a joyous happening that will last the whole year. I have no special eye into the new year, to see what is ahead. I try to take them one day at a time like most every one else.  But I have a feeling that 2017 will be a challenge to a lot of us no matter where we are. We have a new president. To some that is a great thing and to others it is a cause of fear. Trump is not the man I had hoped for. Yes I do think he is better than the other but we will find out soon if that is true or not. I do not put my trust in the president of the United States no matter who it is. I have not seen one yet that was great all the time or who I thought did what was right every time. I do not put my trust in republicans or democrats. They are both are flawed and will let every one down sooner or later. We have all learned not to trust Congress any time. They will not bring happiness or love. They will not heal the sick or cloth the naked or feed the poor. They cannot heal the heart or get rid of racism, hate or mistrust.  They cannot pick me up when I am at my lowest point or put me into the Heavenlies with joy,love or peace.

We will all go through rough times. Some do or will have health problems, others family or money troubles.  But we should all know who to lean on, cry out too and shout for joy too. There is nothing to hard for Jesus. There is nothing too big or to small. For many of us we know that is true. Others you want to believe that but seem to have a hard time letting go of things and giving them over to Christ.  Some will say I have but not seen anything come from it. To that I say did you want a part time fix or did you give Christ your whole heart. God is not something we can dial up and order or something Amazon has that if if the product didn’t do as we had hoped we can exchange it.

Many have difficulties of some sort and would like to see them go away. Sometimes they do. When they do be sure to give God the glory no matter if you think a miracle happened or not. Maybe a friend helped you out or you got money in the mail or a doctor gave you medicine that worked. God works in the small as well as the big. But Ben, you say I still have my problems or I lost some one close to me. I too have lost some very close to me. But I know that they are with Christ and waiting on me to be with them. He is God and will work the way He wants but He wants us to ask for the small and the big.  I don’t care what church you attend or how you feel about God working in your life. A lot has to do with how you big you think God is. Whether He is something only for Sundays or He is Lord of every step you take and every breath you breathe. If you  want a big God you must want Him all the time and you must ask for big things.

I guess I am getting preachy. Forgive me. This isn’t for any one special or any group. Today at my small church, I got an inkling of what is going to happen in my life and for my church. It is very exciting and I am looking forward to it. I will still be poor and waiting for God to heal my whole body. But until that day comes I will praise Him in the valleys and the mountain tops. I will shout unto the Lord the praise He deserves and I will dance as David danced with joy in my heart. Blessings to all. Look forward to 2017 with gladness because you have Jesus in your heart.


I will not try to bore,  just some things I want to put down. I am sure you all have heard before.

Jesus the King born in a manger. No Bethlehem bells s ringing, no shouts of Hail to the King.  In a feeding loft for a cow or a donkey.  No Alleluia chorus or even a Silent Night. Joseph, Mary and maybe a woman from the inn to help with the birth. When I was small I used to think that Mary never felt any pain, or that the baby Jesus never cried. I think I got those ideas from the movies of the time [60’s] and I was never very bright on such things.  But it doesn’t end there does it. The angels appear before the shepherds and there is the shouts, singing and the alleluias. I don’t remember a number for the shepherds but the sky was filled with angels. I too would have been on my knees scared of what I couldn’t understand. They were told where to find the child and they sought Him out. There was no halo around His head nor any other special sign but just a small babe clothed in sheets and blankets. But because of the angels  they knew they were seeing something special. Can you imagine  them try to to tell what they had seen. Do you think they were believed? It would be like some one trying to tell they had seen a u f o .  It wasn’t a snowy night though it could have a chill in the air.  Much debate on when it happened. I always like to think September or October but this is a guess only.  Well I think we do know that it took all the money Mary and Joseph had to get to Bethlehem. We know they had to find a place to stay and that they were there for an extended amount of time.  We know the Wise Men showed up during this time and not the night of His birth.  We know they had stopped to see Herod before they met Jesus as a child. We also know that Herod knew nothing about what the shepherds had seen or heard and that he was distressed about some child being born to take over his throne. It never entered Herod’s mind this child was of God and the Messiah fore told by the prophets.  We know of the very nice gifts that the Wise Men gave to  Jesus and His parents. We know that Jesus was between 1 and 3 when this happened. Probably closer to 3.  Joseph had the dream to leave and go to Egypt. He had s small amount probably saved up for the trip to Nazareth. He got the expensive gifts and now could get enough money to go to Egypt, live for sometime and then return to Nazareth. This just my speculation but Joseph probably didn’t have much of the money left by the time he made it back home. It would have been hard to explain coming back with an abundance, since they were poor when they had left. How would you explain it all to your neighbors and friends.

So ends the story of His birth and his very early years. I told you it would be nothing fantastic but I woke up having to put it down into my own words. I would not have had peace until it was written down and finished.



It ain’t right for it to be deer season and you can walk around in a T-shirt.

It ain’t right for the leaves to be still on the trees.  It ain’t right that some are still green. It ain’t right.  It ain’t right that  a MacDonald’s Burger cost $3 and when I was a child you could get a burger, fries , and a coke and have change for a dollar. It ain’t right when $1.69 a gallon is cheap gas.  It ain’t right that in 1992 you could by a house for 50 k and it is worth twice that now.

It ain’t right when deer scent was $1 and now cost $7. It ain’t right. It ain’t right that hunting arrow points that cost $2 are  now $14 . It ain’t right. It ain’t right that a Chevy Camaro  that was 10 k now cost 25 k or more. It ain’t right.

It ain’t right that the best shows on TV, like Mash, Happy Days, and Cosby. that were big viewer getters and now we have Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. It ain’t right.


Here  again I am not here to persuade you to vote my way. I am telling you what God has been telling me.  When I get into the booth and vote I will say a prayer. A prayer for wisdom and guidance. I am still not sure who I will vote for.  I am positive it won’t be for Clinton.  I have been struggling with this since Trump got the nomination.  The only reason I might vote for him would be to  get a conservative back on the Supreme Court. A good reason but is it good enough. Building a wall is not a good reason. He is building a wall but it is a bad one to have.  Keeping out Islam is not a good reason. Sorry folks it is here already and it would be unAmerican  to keep them out or shut down the mosque for just because we can.

But the really big reason I will pray is because I would like to hear God’s voice in this.  God will allow whom ever we choose. For the good or the bad. He will use that choice for His works.  No matter who we choose that will not alter His strategies or His thinking.  It could have a huge difference on how America goes. Whether it keeps going down hill or it has redemption and a revival.

God is in control all over the earth. When an evil person or government is set up, God will allow evil things to happen.  But in the end God and good will prevail. Example, Hitler in Germany. Hitler rose up because he tickled ears and he was led by the evil one.  Satan has always tried to get rid of the Jews. He tried the Pharaohs, Different city states in the promised land and different peoples such as the Philistines and the Hittites. He used the Judges to keep going on a straight path. The people kept going away from God. They told Samuel they wanted a king like every one else. They got Saul who was very much like the other Kings. Most of you know the history of the OT Jews so I won’t go into all of the stuff that went on but the people followed the Kings good or bad. The leadership set things up for them and their children. From Solomon to Zedekiah.  Back to Hitler he tried very hard to get rid of the Jews. 8 million by him alone. I don’t think that those in Russia and the Ukraine were a part of those numbers. Maybe they were. But God used that awful war to get a home for the Jews. So God can use horrible things to come for good and to fulfill His prophecies.

This US election might be one of those cases.We will get what we deserve no matter who is elected.  I know not of anything good that can happen if Clinton is elected. But I have to be honest and do not see much Godly good coming from Trump. I can have both sides mad at me and I don’t care. No matter who wins Tuesday there will be a Wednesday. God will still be God and will be LORD. We must stay on our knees so we can hear his voice and not some tickle of the ear. Too long and boring maybe but I write from my heart when it is time to write. God Bless all of you.  Ben C


I am not here to try to change any minds about anything. So if you disagree then leave it at that. You are still my friend and I want to be yours.

Hillary Clinton… I didn’t think I could dis like any one like I do Bill but his wife is coming to that. She is a liar and a very mean and spiteful woman. She has lied all her life. She has no qualifications to be president.  NONE. She has used her money to manipulate people, to buy her way into her jobs she has had and used the power that she never should have gotten to advance her political career. Bill Clinton was not the worst president we have ever had. The current one is that. But Bill used people and misused people all his life. He has ruined the lives and families of many women. In Arkansas there were no independent council to see what crimes he had committed. They were all bought and paid for. How do I know this because I knew one of the women.  Getting back to Hillary, she couldn’t have gotten dog catcher in Arkansas after she and Bill left Washington. That is why she moved to New York, the people didn’t know her. She was never qualified to be Sec. of State but smoothed mouth and I am sure paid off people for that job. She has proved several times she was never qualified for it. She is not qualified for president either.  Oprah wants a woman president. Doesn’t matter if they are qualified or not she and many feminist want a woman president.  Second people want her because she is pro abortion. Doesn’t matter than 30 years ago she was against it or 10 years ago abortion if only necessary . Even 8 years ago only early term abortion.  Well she goes with the money and the abortionist have given her a lot so now it is abortion at anytime and she now wants the tax payers to pay for it. If the women have the right  to choose then they should have the right to pay.

Sadly I don’t think we will ever change Roe vs Wade.  It is truly an insane law and 57 million children in America alone have died from it.  I hope I am wrong about that. We do need to keep showing up at the clinics and praying. Babies are being saved that way.

Homosexual marriage is a sin. You cannot prove to me that it is not a sin. I have seen a lot of excuses but not one single thing from the Bible supporting it.  Genesis 2:23-25

21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs[g] and then closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib[h] he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

23 The man said,

‘This is now bone of my bones
    and flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called “woman”,
    for she was taken out of man.’

24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

25 Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame. 

He made man and woman for each other. That is the only way it should be. There are many side items I could write about but these I felt a need to share. If you disagree that really won’t change my mind about you so do as your conscience tells you. Welcome comments if any.



This not to change any ones mind on anything. Just me letting off steam. So if you disagree, that is okay.

First off is that the world doesn’t survive on sports. Now those of you that know me know I like sports, almost all of them. But my world does not rotate around one team or sport.  What I am saying that I like to watch the Tigers on Friday nights, the Hogs on Saturdays and Dallas on Sundays. I watch a lot. Nothing wrong with that as far I know but my life is not sports. Take them all away,everything,   and my life still goes on. I would find other things to do.

This week I have read several stories about how the NFL is losing people watching. Not on purpose but I am one of those. I don’t have cable or satellite tv so I can’t watch but a quarter of Sunday night and maybe a Thursday night game. You know my life hasn’t ended or I haven’t gone insane because of not watching.  As of 2015 the league office is no longer considered a non profit. So nice of them to become a part of the real world. 4 to 10 billion dollars  they can be taxed and not hurt anything.  I haven’t watched a whole NBA game in years. I haven’t missed it at all. When Jordan quit so did I.

Now you are wondering why the title. Sports is minor in your life also.  How about the political scene or obscene as the case may be. I think I said in the past neither one of the major candidates are worth the sheet of paper or the electricity for the computer that will be used to vote for them. I do mean both of them. I am really tired of all the crazy ideas of Trump and how he will save the U.S. We don’t need a wall the whole stretch of Mexico.  That is one of the dumbest ideas ever. Give the law enforcement the money they need and let them do their job. That will help more than a wall. Best reason, we can’t afford one. Unless Trump builds it himself.  Second is his keeping out all Muslims. It will never happen and shouldn’t.  This country wasn’t built on fear or keeping people out.  No I don’t like the religion either but this country was built on letting people in that did it the right way. Now I am not for 50 thousand refugees that we have no clue of who they are in. If they come put, them in D.C.  I am stopping here not because I am not done but I have a lot more and it is late. I haven’t started on Hillary yet. Please hold any comments [if any] until part 2 comes out please.